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 |  July 31, 2016
  • Today’s Learning is Dedicated L’iluy Nishmat Shlomo Zalman ben Harav Mordechai Yisroel Tzvi

Where are all the classes?

Dearest Torah Learner,

Short Answer: If you do not see classes that you used to on the original TorahAnytime.com, it is because all classes haven’t been transferred to TorahAnytime.com 2.0 from the original site – YET.

Don’t fret though! They can all still be accessed by visiting: legacy.torahanytime.com 

Detailed Answer: TorahAnytime.com’s database of Torah classes numbers well over 20,000 original recordings.

If you don’t see classes that you used to on the original site:

  1. Don’t panic! We will make sure that they are all still available. The reason they haven’t been transferred over to this site yet is because the content on the original TorahAnytime.com had many compatibility issues. Currently, every single shiur (Torah class) has to go through an encoding process.This ensures the class will be playable on PC’s, Macs, Android and Windows 8 Tablets, Mobile devices, Androids, Iphones, Ipad’s, etc.
  2. This process takes will take a few months. Besides for the cost involved, it’s tantamount to moving a family of 20,000 people to a new building. Since each lecture is spiritually worth more than every ounce of platinum, gold, and diamond in this entire world – combined, each one must be perfectly synced with it’s counterpart and successfully transferred – with 0 chance for error. 
  3. So, thank you so much for your patience and understanding while we go through this process. If you would like to find a lecture you knew was previously on TorahAnytime.com, the original, fully functional website in its entirety is now hosted at: legacy.torahanytime.com
  4. All new and current lectures will only be found on this site, TorahAnytime.com 2.0. 

Hope you found this information helpful! If you have any questions, please ask. We’re always here to help. 

Happy Learning,

                  Team TorahAnytime.com 

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