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 |  July 27, 2016
  • Today’s Learning is Dedicated L’iluy Nishmat Shlomo Zalman ben Harav Mordechai Yisroel Tzvi

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Watch Listen Halachot of Prayer: SunsetR. Ovadia Yosef ztl04:48 07/27/2016HebrewHalacha/Jewish Law
Listen Daf Yomi Biyun Bava Kama 58R. Yosef Weinstein51:47 07/27/2016EnglishDaf Yomi/Daily Talmud
Watch Listen מהלכות פריה ורביה ס’ ד א עד ד, קטעים בספרדיתR. Mijael Perets31:05 07/27/2016HebrewHalachic Principles/Lomdut
Listen Mishna Yomi: Kelayim Perek 7 Mishna 7-8R. Moshe Meir Weiss15:35 07/27/2016EnglishMishna
Watch Listen Parashat Pinchas : Continue Heritage Via Being a ShamashR. Mordechai Aderet09:36 07/27/2016EnglishParasha/Torah Portion
Listen Orach Chaim 148-149R. Asher Eisenberger11:46 07/27/2016EnglishHalacha/Jewish Law
Watch Listen Mishna Berura Yomi Siman 147 Seif 7 When to Wait for the Sefer Torah to be ClosedR. Daniel Glatstein13:34 07/27/2016EnglishSeforim/Books
Watch Listen How To Make Your Spouse More Attractive Without Plastic Surgery- How Important Are Looks In MarriageR. Yehoshua Zitron52:37 07/26/2016EnglishDating and Marriage
Watch Listen Dissolving Negativity: Making Your 3 Weeks MeaningfulR. Aryeh Nivin07:43 07/26/2016EnglishHolidays
Listen Mishna Yomi: Kelayim Perek 7 Mishna 5-6R. Moshe Meir Weiss15:14 07/26/2016EnglishMishna
Watch Listen Parashat Pinchas: In the End Its All YouR. Zecharia Wallerstein1:10:08 07/26/2016EnglishParasha/Torah Portion
Watch Listen Parashat Pinchas Gems 5776R. Moshe Meir Weiss59:33 07/26/2016EnglishParasha/Torah Portion
Watch Listen Self-Development: Jewish Cornerstones: TefillahR. Esti Hamilton54:48 07/26/2016EnglishTefillah/Prayer
Watch Listen The Battle for Your MindR. Efraim Stauber37:22 07/26/2016EnglishHolidays
Watch Listen The Joy of the Three WeeksR. Meyer Bodner31:22 07/26/2016EnglishHolidays
Watch Listen Parashat Pinchas: Wonder of Wonders!R. Mordechai Sitorsky52:34 07/26/2016EnglishParasha/Torah Portion
Listen Daf Yomi Quick And Easy: Bava Kamma 57R. Gil Freiman34:15 07/26/2016EnglishDaf Yomi/Daily Talmud
Listen Daf Yomi Biyun Bava Kama 57R. Yosef Weinstein48:13 07/26/2016EnglishDaf Yomi/Daily Talmud
Watch Listen הלכות פריה ורביה ס’ א יא וס’ ב א ובR. Mijael Perets41:18 07/26/2016HebrewHalachic Principles/Lomdut
Watch Listen Lessons From BilliamR. Avraham Gaon11:34 07/26/2016EnglishParasha/Torah Portion
Watch Listen Success Number 5R. Avraham Gaon10:57 07/26/2016EnglishMussar/Self Improvement
Watch Listen Agudah Summer of Torah: “Yes I Can!” Believe in YourselfR. Ephraim Shapiro52:11 07/26/2016EnglishJewish Understanding
Listen Geulah- Mussar, Pele YoetzR. Avraham Kohan08:09 07/26/2016EnglishMussar/Self Improvement
Listen Some of the Limitations of the Nine Days- HalachaR. Avraham Kohan07:23 07/26/2016EnglishHalacha/Jewish Law
Watch Listen Parashat Pinchas : Priesthood via Controlling Your (Liver)-NefeshR. Mordechai Aderet09:15 07/26/2016EnglishParasha/Torah Portion
Watch Listen Mishna Berura Yomi Siman 147 Seif 1 The Greatest Kibbud – “Hagbaah”R. Daniel Glatstein15:35 07/26/2016EnglishSeforim/Books
Watch Listen The Three Weeks 2 (Shehecheyanu, Dangerous Activities, Simcha)R. Avi Wiesenfeld17:06 07/26/2016EnglishHolidays
Listen Orach Chaim 147: 2-8R. Asher Eisenberger15:17 07/26/2016EnglishHalacha/Jewish Law
Watch Listen Elevate Your Work Part 8 – Why Intent MattersM. Estie Rand25:21 07/25/2016EnglishTeshuvah/Repentance
Watch Listen Daf Yomi: Baba Kama Daf 56bR. Moshe Meir Weiss11:18 07/25/2016EnglishDaf Yomi/Daily Talmud
Watch Listen Daf Yomi: Baba Kama Daf 56aR. Moshe Meir Weiss13:10 07/25/2016EnglishDaf Yomi/Daily Talmud
Watch Listen My Best P’shat on Parashat PinchasR. Moshe Tuvia Lieff27:43 07/25/2016EnglishParasha/Torah Portion
Listen Coming Closer: Understanding and Experiencing Tefillah Part 32 – Shema Koleinu and RetzeiR. Shlomo Goldfinger20:14 07/25/2016EnglishTefillah/Prayer
Watch Listen Parashat Pinchas: Idols and IdeologyR. Mashiach Kelaty53:30 07/25/2016EnglishParasha/Torah Portion
Listen Praying to God AloneR. Mordechai Becher55:18 07/25/2016EnglishJewish Understanding
Watch Listen Gate of Trust: Do You Trust in God?R. Asher Vaknin48:32 07/25/2016EnglishMussar/Self Improvement
Watch Listen Parashat Chukat : The Case of the Poisoned Sandwich and the 25,000,000$ Funeral -Part 3R. Daniel Glatstein47:37 07/25/2016EnglishParasha/Torah Portion
Listen Halachot Of The Three WeeksR. Eliezer Krohn48:14 07/25/2016EnglishHalacha/Jewish Law
Listen Daf Yomi Quick And Easy: Bava Kamma 56R. Gil Freiman31:19 07/25/2016EnglishDaf Yomi/Daily Talmud
Listen Daf Yomi Biyun Bava Kama 56R. Yosef Weinstein56:56 07/25/2016EnglishDaf Yomi/Daily Talmud
Watch Listen Parshat Balak Chassidic GemsR. Elyakim Rosenblatt11:20 07/25/2016EnglishParasha/Torah Portion
Watch Listen Do Not Denigrate Any Person, No Matter Who He IsR. Elyakim Rosenblatt09:27 07/25/2016EnglishParasha/Torah Portion
Watch Listen Halajot Piria verivia, Siman 2 5 al 10, Partes en hebreoR. Mijael Perets42:14 07/25/2016SpanishHalachic Principles/Lomdut
Watch Listen PinchasR. Avraham Gaon09:51 07/25/2016EnglishParasha/Torah Portion
Listen Daf Yomi: Bava Kamma Daf 55R. Chaim Eisenstein26:35 07/25/2016EnglishDaf Yomi/Daily Talmud
Listen Mishna Yomi: Kelayim Perek 7 Mishna 3-4R. Moshe Meir Weiss12:51 07/25/2016EnglishMishna
Listen Haircuts and Other Restrictions Before Tisha B’AvR. Avraham Kohan06:16 07/25/2016EnglishHalacha/Jewish Law
Watch Listen Parashat Pinchas : To Restore the RespectR. Mordechai Aderet08:43 07/25/2016EnglishParasha/Torah Portion
Watch Listen Parshat Pinchas: The 3 Weeks & The EyesR. Kineret Sarah Cohen57:38 07/25/2016EnglishParasha/Torah Portion
Listen Orach Chaim 147: 1R. Asher Eisenberger17:10 07/25/2016EnglishHalacha/Jewish Law
Watch Listen Mishna Berura Yomi 146:2-4 147:1 Does One Need To Stand For Krias HatorahR. Daniel Glatstein12:39 07/25/2016EnglishSeforim/Books
Make these Three Weeks CountR. Esther Baila Schwartz49:30 07/25/2016EnglishHolidays
Listen Everything is in Hands of Hashem Except…R. Miriam Yerushalmi49:31 07/25/2016EnglishMiddot/Character Development
Listen The Three WeeksM. Chevi Garfinkel1:09:56 07/25/2016EnglishHolidays
Watch Listen Aliyot and Kriat HaTorahR. Zev Smith53:58 07/24/2016EnglishHalacha/Jewish Law
Watch Listen Discipline Only From Love: The Inside Story of the Three WeeksR. YY Jacobson1:53:02 07/24/2016EnglishHolidays
Watch Listen Daf Yomi: Baba Kama Daf 55R. Moshe Meir Weiss38:04 07/24/2016EnglishDaf Yomi/Daily Talmud
Watch Listen The Mission Of The Three Weeks-Woodridge Shul 5776R. Moshe Meir Weiss34:12 07/24/2016EnglishHolidays
Watch Listen Eretz Yisroel amd EmunahR. Herschel Welcher44:54 07/24/2016EnglishJewish Understanding
Watch Listen The Three Weeks (Music, Parties, Haircuts)R. Avi Wiesenfeld22:57 07/24/2016EnglishHolidays
Watch Listen The Broken Luchos: An Everlasting GiftR. Moshe Schwerd1:05:46 07/24/2016EnglishHolidays
Watch Listen Tisha B’av – The Misplaced Humility of Rebbe Zecharia Ben AvkulasR. Daniel Glatstein33:12 07/24/2016EnglishHolidays
Listen Veliyrushalayim Ircha – Maximising the power of this Bracha during the Three weeksR. Yonoson Roodyn34:51 07/24/2016EnglishHolidays
Watch Listen The 613 Mitzvot: Why Do We Need the 3 Weeks?R. Moshe Tuvia Lieff42:46 07/24/2016EnglishHolidays
Listen Daf Yomi Quick And Easy: Bava Kamma 55R. Gil Freiman29:46 07/24/2016EnglishDaf Yomi/Daily Talmud
Listen Daf Yomi Biyun Bava Kama 55R. Yosef Weinstein54:08 07/24/2016EnglishDaf Yomi/Daily Talmud
Watch Listen The 3 Weeks: End Sinat Chinam Now!R. Moshe Tuvia Lieff29:32 07/24/2016EnglishHolidays
Watch Listen Living in a World of IllusionR. Dovid Orlofsky1:01:27 07/24/2016EnglishHolidays
Watch Listen Rebuilding Yerushalayim with FireR. Shimshon Silkin51:57 07/24/2016EnglishHolidays
Watch Listen Showing You CareR. Gedalya Glatt13:21 07/24/2016EnglishKids
Watch Listen Halajot de ascendencia, Partes en hebreoR. Mijael Perets34:53 07/24/2016SpanishHalachic Principles/Lomdut
Watch Listen Diamonds of the Maharal on Parashas PinchasR. Daniel Glatstein26:39 07/24/2016EnglishParasha/Torah Portion
Watch Listen iCare (About the BHMK)R. Efraim Stauber45:14 07/24/2016EnglishHolidays
Listen Daf Yomi Biyun Bava Kama 54R. Yosef Weinstein59:53 07/24/2016EnglishDaf Yomi/Daily Talmud
Watch Listen In-Depth Halacha: Fasting and MinorsR. Nissan Hakakian07:27 07/24/2016EnglishHalacha/Jewish Law
Listen Teshuva is Beyond This WorldR. Miriam Yerushalmi46:42 07/24/2016EnglishMiddot/Character Development
Listen Baruch Sheamar: Yiras Hashem-Part 3M. Chevi Garfinkel59:38 07/24/2016EnglishTefillah/Prayer
Listen Mishna Yomi: Kelayim Perek 7 Mishna 1-2R. Moshe Meir Weiss16:57 07/24/2016EnglishMishna
Listen Mishna Yomi: Peah Perek 6 Mishna 11-Perek 7 Mishna 1R. Moshe Meir Weiss15:10 07/23/2016EnglishMishna
Watch Listen Orchot Chaim Lharosh 82-83R. Moshe Meir Weiss21:19 07/23/2016EnglishMussar/Self Improvement
Watch Listen Daf Yomi: Baba Kama Daf 54R. Moshe Meir Weiss25:40 07/23/2016EnglishDaf Yomi/Daily Talmud
Listen Mishna Yomi: Kelayim Perek 6 Mishna 8-9R. Moshe Meir Weiss15:35 07/23/2016EnglishMishna
Watch Listen Halacha Of Prayer:Placing Geula Close To Shemoneh Esrei Without InterruptionsR. Ovadia Yosef ztl03:51 07/23/2016EnglishHalacha/Jewish Law
Watch Listen Olam Ha’taanug Series: Part 4 – Bringing Hashem Into Your Life in Challenging TimesR. Pinchas Dovid Bunker46:16 07/22/2016YiddishJewish Understanding
Listen Checking for Bugs?- Mussar, Pele YoetzR. Avraham Kohan09:10 07/22/2016EnglishMussar/Self Improvement
Listen When Is Music Allowed During the Three Weeks- HalachaR. Avraham Kohan05:42 07/22/2016EnglishHalacha/Jewish Law
Watch Listen “How the Torah Was Given” – All at Once or Piecemeal? Part 2R. Ephraim Meth1:01:56 07/22/2016EnglishJewish Understanding
Watch Listen הלכות בעיון, לשלוח עדשים ושעורים ביו”ט וחיבוב המצות ועל פרשת בלקR. Mijael Perets48:11 07/22/2016HebrewHalachic Principles/Lomdut
Watch Listen Parashat BalakR. Mijael Perets23:15 07/22/2016SpanishMiddot/Character Development
Watch Listen Parashat Balak :The Kosnois Ohr Reveals the Powerful Insight of Bilaam’s DonkeyR. Daniel Glatstein28:56 07/22/2016EnglishParasha/Torah Portion
Watch Listen Masechet Beitzah: Daf 8A – Using Dirt for Kisu HadamR. Daniel Glatstein49:34 07/22/2016EnglishGemara
Watch Listen Shiva Asar B’Tamuz: Shabbat – The Key to the GeulahR. Mordechai Finkelman49:01 07/22/2016EnglishHolidays
Watch Listen Spiritual War Part 2R. Avraham Gaon25:59 07/22/2016EnglishKabbalah/Jewish Mysticism
Watch Listen Spiritual War Part 1R. Avraham Gaon41:06 07/22/2016EnglishKabbalah/Jewish Mysticism
Listen Mishna Yomi: Kelayim Perek 6 Mishna 6-7R. Moshe Meir Weiss15:45 07/22/2016EnglishMishna
Pirkei Avos: Chapter 3, Mishna 4- Altering the Quality of Life through ones Thought ProcessR. Esther Baila Schwartz49:10 07/22/2016EnglishPirkei Avot/Ethics of the Fathers
Watch Listen Parashat Balak : Jealousy Leads to DeathR. Mordechai Aderet10:15 07/22/2016EnglishParasha/Torah Portion
Watch Listen Parashat Balak: Final RefinementR. Ari Goldwag28:58 07/22/2016EnglishParasha/Torah Portion
Watch Listen Mishna Berura Yomi Siman 146 Seif 1 Can You Learn Bein Gavra L’gavraR. Daniel Glatstein11:44 07/22/2016EnglishSeforim/Books
Listen The Flame of MitzvosR. Miriam Yerushalmi55:53 07/22/2016EnglishMiddot/Character Development
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